LLOYD and MAGUIRE : South Wales and Co. Cork, Ireland

The family history of the Lloyds and the Maguires is part of my husband Joseph’s genealogy.  Although not my own blood line, I am including it on this web site because the background may help others researching the same two families.
Joe’s paternal great-great-great grandfather was David Lloyd, born about 1770, probably at Kidwelly in Carmarthenshire, Wales.  On the 1841 census he was living with three of his sons in the hamlet of Cwmdu, Llangynwyd, Maesteg, Glamorgan:

David Lloyd, aged 70, quarryman
Thomas Lloyd, aged 30, carpenter                   
Joseph Lloyd, aged 20, collier
Benjamin Lloyd, aged 15, labourer
Mary James, aged 20, female servant.
None were born in Glamorganshire.
The middle son, Joseph Lloyd, married Margaret Jones at Llangynwyd on 12 June 1841.  Margaret was the daughter of David Jones, a sawyer, born in the parish of Llannon, Llanelli.

Ten years later, in 1851, the family was living at Charles Row, Cwmdu, Llangynwyd, Glamorgan:

Joseph Lloyd, head, aged 32, born Pembrey, Carmarthenshire; miner
Margaret, wife, aged 36, born Llanelly
David, son, aged 8, born Llangynwyd; miner
Ann, daughter, aged 6           
John, son, aged 4                                 
Margaret, daughter, aged 2
Sarah, daughter, aged 6 months.
All the children are recorded born at Llangynwyd (Cwmdu).

On the 1871 census the family was still at 9 Charles Row, though Joseph Lloyd was absent from home:

Margaret Lloyd, head, married, aged 51 (compare other census records) born Llanelly
Sarah, daughter, aged 20, labourer in ironworks
Thomas, son, aged 18, haulier
George, son, aged 16, haulier
Mary, daughter, 14
Catherine, daughter, 12

 On the 1881 census the family had moved to Neath Road, Clase, Glamorgan:

Joseph Lloyd, aged 60, born Llanelly; blast furnaces (iron)
Margaret, wife, aged 59, born Llanelly
Thomas, son, aged 28, born Maesteg; blast furnaces (iron)
George, son, aged 24, born Maesteg
Catherine, daughter, aged 22, born Maesteg
William Williams, boarder, aged 30, born Pembrey, Carms; general labourer
David Williams, boarder, aged 32, born Pembrey; general labourer.

Ten years later, in 1891, Joseph and Margaret were at 4 West Street, Cwmdu, with their unmarried sons George (32) and and Thomas (35).  Joseph was now 73 according to the census, a coal miner born at Pembrey, and his wife, a Welsh speaker, was 70 and born at Llannon.

Joseph Lloyd died on 22 March 1898 and was buried at St Cynwyd’s in Llangynwyd.
His eldest son David had married Ruth Davies in 1870, and soon afterwards moved to work in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, where he appeared on the following year’s census:

David Lloyd, head, aged 28, born Maesteg; blast furnaceman
Ruth, wife, aged 22, born Maesteg
John, son, aged 3 months, born Maesteg.
Although the 1871 census shows only one child, there had been one born previously according to the 1881 census, which shows the family having come back to live near David’s parents at Neath Road, Clase, Glamorgan:

David Lloyd, head, aged 39, born Maesteg; labourer at tinworks
Ruth, wife, aged 33, born Maesteg
 *Margaret A., daughter, aged 12, born Maesteg
 John, son, aged 11, born Maesteg
 Ivor, son, aged 7, born Maesteg (cf 1891 &1901 censuses)
 Joseph, son, aged 4, born Stockton, Durham
 Evan, son, aged 1, born Landore (cf 1901 census)
 Joseph Lloyd, boarder, aged 40, born Maesteg; labourer at ironworks.

*Margaret Ann, born late in 1869, had been a “boarder” with the family of Caleb and Gwenllian Evans at Cwmdu in 1871.

By the time the 1891 census was taken, the family had moved to 21 Temple Street, Cwmdu, Maesteg:

David Lloyd, head, aged 46, born Maesteg; general labourer
Ruth, wife, aged 42, born Maesteg
Ivor J., son, aged 16, born Stockton-on-Tees; coal miner
Joseph, son, aged 15, born Stockton-on-Tees; coal miner
Evan D., son, aged 11, born Swansea; scholar
David, son, aged 8, born Swansea; scholar
George, son, aged 6, born Swansea; scholar
Sarah B., daughter, aged 4, born Swansea
Mary C., daughter, aged 1, born Maesteg.
On the 1901 census the family was still at 21 Temple Street, Cwmdu:

David Lloyd, head, aged 59, born Maesteg; blocklayer
Ruth, wife, aged 52, Maesteg
Ivor J., son, aged 26, born Stockton-on-Tees (cf 1881 census); colliery labourer below ground
Joseph, son, aged 23, born Stockton-on-Tees; colliery labourer below ground
Evan D., son, aged 21, born Plasmarl (cf 1881 census); collier hewer
David, son, aged 18, born Plasmarl; collier hewer
George S., son, aged 16, born Plasmarl; collier hewer
Sarah B., daughter, aged 13, born Plasmarl
Mary C., daughter, aged 11, born Maesteg
Gwladys, daughter, aged 2, born Maesteg 
(Gwladys was actually the illegitimate daughter of Joseph).
All the family are shown to be Welsh-speaking.

On 7 April 1913 at Bridgend Register Office, Joe’s grandfather, Ivor John Lloyd, married Ellen (Nell) Maguire, daughter of Michael Maguire and Catherine Crowley (see below).  The marriage certificate records the bridegroom as a bachelor aged 38, occupation coal miner, of 11 Maiden Street, Maesteg; father (deceased) David Lloyd, furnaceman in ironworks.  The bride was a spinster aged 23, occupation general servant, of 8 Shoemaker Row, Maesteg; father Michael Maguire, general labourer. 

The witnesses, Jessie and Theresa Verity, shared the same unusual surname as the Registrar, which suggests that none of the family was present to witness the marriage. This may have been because the couple had already been living together as man and wife for some while – the 1911 census records them at 31 Pwllygarth Street, Kenfig, as Ivor Lloyd, 36, a coalminer born at Stockton-on-Tees, and Ellen Lloyd, 22, wife of less than a year, born at Aberkenfig.
Among their sons (there were no surviving daughters) was my father-in-law George Thomas Lloyd, who was born on 26 November 1922 at Cymmer, and died in March 2005.  Other sons included David, Ivor, Joe and Jimmy.  Two more had died in childhood.
Ellen (Nell) Maguire was born on 26 December 1889 at Aberkenfig.  The birth certificate gives her father as Michael Maguire, occupation coker, and mother as Catherine née Crowley.

The Maguires originated from Rosscarbery, Co. Cork, emigrating from Ireland sometime between 1878 and 1883.  Michael Maguire was born at Froe, Rosscarbery, son of Daniel Maguire and Johanna (née Sullivan) who had married there on 11 February 1847.  Michael, their firstborn, was baptised there on 8 May 1848 and his godparents were Michael and Bridget Sullivan.

Michael Maguire and Catherine (Kitty) Crowley married at Froe on 15 July 1870.  Besides Ellen, their children included John (bp 30 Jan 1871, abode Froe), James(born Cork 4 August 1872), Michael (10 Aug 1875 – died), Johanna (bp 4 Nov 1876, abode Newtown), Mary (born 19 December 1878 at 57 Barley Hill, Rosscarbery, west Cork), Catherine (1883), Margaret(1885), Bridget (1894), Michael (1896) and Jeremiah (1905).
On the 1891 census the family was living at 1 River Row, Newcastle Higher, Aberkenfig:

Michael Maguire, head, aged 38, coker ironworks, born Ireland
Catherine, wife, aged 35, born Ireland
Mary, daughter, aged 12, scholar, born Ireland
Kate, daughter, aged 7, scholar, born Dowlais, Glamorgan
Margaret, daughter, aged 5, scholar, born Aberkenfig, Glamorgan
Ellen, daughter, aged 1, born Aberkenfig.
On the 1901 census the family was at 5 Chepstow Row, hamlet of Ynysawdre, parish of St Bride’s Minor, Aberkenfig:

*Patrick (sic) Maguire, head, aged 50, coker’s labourer, born Ireland
Catherine, wife, aged 48, born Ireland
Catherine, daughter, aged 17, born Aberkenfig
Ellen, daughter, aged 11, born Aberkenfig
Bridget, daughter, aged 6, born Aberkenfig
Michael, son, aged 4, born Aberkenfig.
*He was probably known familiarly as ‘Paddy’, hence the erroneous forename.

Ten years later, in 1911, Michael and Catherine Maguire and the younger children were sharing accommodation at 15 Jenkins Row, Aberkenfig, with their married daughter Mary and her family:

Edward Mainey, head, aged 30, general labour (coke making), born Swansea
Mary Mainey, wife of six years, aged 32, born Cork (married Edward Mainey in 1905)
James Mainey, son, aged 3, born Pontardawe
Mary Catherine Mainey, daughter, aged 4, born Maesteg
Helena Annie Mainey, daughter, aged 1, born Maesteg
one other Mainey child was absent from home
Michael Maguire, father, aged 60, general labourer (coke making), born Cork
Catherine Maguire, mother, aged 58, born Cork
Michael Maguire, step-brother (i.e. brother-in-law), aged 14, coal filler, born Aberkenfig
Jeremiah Maguire, step-brother (i.e. brother-in-law), aged 6, born Pontardawe.
The census return shows the Maguires had been married forty-one years, and had had twelve children of whom three had died.
Catherine Maguire died aged 63, and was buried on 16 Nov 1918 at the parish church, Tondu.  The register gives her address as Park Road, Aberkenfig.

Michael Maguire died aged 77 (according to the register), and was buried on 18 Aug 1928 at the parish church, Tondu.  His address was Aberkenfig.